Well, so it begins.  This is the new La Follette Weblog, aptly named La Flog.  The La Follette School Student Association, a student organization for the La Follette School of Public Affairs, has created this blog to:

  1. Share events and discussions of La Follette Students in a public forum;
  2. Raise awareness of La Follette, LSSA, and the policy issues we study; and,
  3. Collaborate and interact through technology.

The success of social networking sites offers the potential for great visibility along with the ability to disseminate information and bring diverse people together.  Government agencies, businesses, and non-tech-savvy people (such as myself) are eager to participate in this informal networking and sharing of ideas.

As La Flog comes together, we will add more on LSSA events, including meeting notes, agendas, and schedules as well as social events and policy roundtables.  What are we up to?  La Flog will tell.

More importantly, this technology allows us to share and debate.  Are the current three goals (share, raise awareness, and collaborate) sufficient?  Is the format desparately in need of improvement? (Yes.)  The comment section is perfect for constructive criticism and improving our shared public space.

The concept of this user-generated discussion forum / blog could be a great asset to LSSA and La Follette.  Sharing of ideas from students of policy and management aligns nicely with the concept behind the Wisconsin Idea and the foundation of the La Follette School.  So, here is the first step. The second step is generating feedback, interaction, and, if interest is sufficient, expanding to allow more individual input.  Success of La Flog depends on having more involvement from students, faculty, and alumni – in other words, you, the reader.

This forum can allow us all, LSSA, La Follette, and friends, to use and learn from the full potential of user-generated, Web 2.0 technology.


About Nate

Graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am studying public policy, administration, and law. More importantly, I am getting the La Follette School Student Association out and onto the blogosphere. Here we come!
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