Veep’s Viewpoint – 6/19/2009

In this week’s post, I’d like to take some time to drum up some early enthusiasm for next year’s continuation of the Policy Roundtables.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, one project LSSA will be working on in the coming months is the opening of a new Policy Committee to assist in the planning and coordination of the Roundtables and other future policy discussions, forums, etc. Well, now is your first opportunity to take a role in how this will come together. So, here’s my question for the La Follette community:

Who would you like to see facilitate one of our Roundtables next year?

All suggestions are welcome. Alternatively, if you don’t have any particular person in mind, please feel free to suggest a topic you may want to have addressed. As the continuation of these group discussions is somewhat of a pet project for me, I am more than happy to do the early footwork until the Committee is convened.

In other news outside of the world of LSSA, I’d just like to take a moment to direct people’s attention to the goings on of the State of Wisconsin. Right now, the biennial budget process is rocketing ahead to its potentially on-time conclusion. If you have not been following the process, now would be an excellent time to look into the budget provisions being worked out as well as to get to know the process of passing a $60+ billion state budget during an economic downturn. To do so, you may want to check out the news posting on or wander around the webpages of the Wisconsin State Legislature to look at the bill itself (officially known as 2009 Assembly Bill 75). Personally, working in the State Assembly for a State Rep. during this process has been quite enlightening. Take some time to get to know your state’s budget and what it means for you and your wallet.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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