Wisconsin EDGE Project

Today, La Folletters Farha Tahir and Marissa Mommaerts are passing on a press release from the non-goverment organization they founded:

Wisconsin EDGE: Empowerment through Development and Gender Equality
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact: The EDGE Project
July 10, 2009   For Release

The EDGE Project to participate in the 2009 AGOA Forum in Nairobi, Kenya

The EDGE Project, a student-run international development organization based out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will be participating in the Civil Society Component of the 2009 AGOA Forum, August 4-6 in Nairobi, Kenya (http://www.agoa.gov/). The AGOA Forum is an annual high-level event that enables officials from AGOA eligible countries and officials from the United States to evaluate the implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act. The theme for the 2009 forum is, “Realizing the Full Potential of AGOA through Expansion of Trade and Investment,” and will be reviewed through government-to-government Ministerial meetings, U.S. private sector and civil society meetings.

The EDGE Project is currently engaging in community development work on Lingira Island of Uganda’s Lake Victoria with their partners on the island, Shepherd’s Heart International Ministry (www.shimuganda.com), and Wisconsin-based international social justice organization, WE International Inc. (www.weinternational.org). The EDGE Project aims to empower groups and individuals on Lingira Island to put their dreams to develop their community into action. EDGE student researchers specialize in various components of development as it relates to Lingira over the course of an academic year and subsequently help design and facilitate projects according to their skill set.

Current projects facilitated by The EDGE Project on Lingira Island include the construction of a grain mill for the secondary school, the construction of a chicken coop for the primary school, the institutionalization of a Global Studies curriculum for the primary school, the establishment of a women’s craft co-operative, computer literacy training and English classes. All projects aim to include and plan for short and long-term impacts. EDGE members work with community stakeholders and partner organizations to facilitate the implementation of sustainable projects created by Lingira’s social entrepreneurs.

For more information on the work of EDGE Project or its partner organizations, please
email: wisconsin.edge@gmail.com.


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Graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am studying public policy, administration, and law. More importantly, I am getting the La Follette School Student Association out and onto the blogosphere. Here we come!
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