I’m on a scooter!

Recently I asked Jami and Aaron to explain about the wonders of scooters in Madison.  For those about to move here, you may notice how many students use them to get around campus.  Other than Rome, I’ve never seen anything like it.  Jami and Aaron decided to explain through song.  It is best to turn on the YouTube video and sing along with their new words.

Get your helmets ready, it’s about to go down (shorty, yeah)
Everybody in the place pull up your ****in kickstands  (shorty, yeah)
Rev 50 mother****** cc’s,
We runnin this, let’s go
[Chorus (T-Pain)]
I’m on a scooter (I’m on a scooter)
I’m on a scooter (I’m on a scooter)
Everybody look at me cause I’m riding on a scooter (riding on a scooter)
I’m on a scooter (I’m on a scooter)
I’m on a scooter
Take a good hard look at the mother****** scooter (scooter, yeah)
I’m on a scooter mother******* take a look at me
Straight flowin on a scooter going down the street
Bustin 40-45, wind whippin out my scooter
You can’t stop me mother****** cause there’s nothing cuter
Take a picture, trick (trick) I’m on a scooter, *****(*****)
We riding single style, cause double’s not legit (legit)
I got my big helmet, and my sunny-glasses
I’m flashing turn signals, you at corners flashing bus passes
I’m ridin on a moped, parking wherever I want
The moped’s swerving, but I still look nonchalant,
But when on campus, I got my parking permit
I’m on a scooter mother******, don’t you ever forget
I’m on a scooter and, it’s goin fast and
I control the speed just turning my hand
I’m certainly no scrub, on a scooter like J.D.
If you’re in a car, you won’t get no ladies
{Get the **** up, this scooter is REAL!!!}
**** cars, I’m on a scooter, mother****** (mother******)
**** bikes, I motor-pedal, mother****** (mother******)
Buy it now, save some bank, mother****** (yeah)
I get 100 miles on each tank, mother******
Hey ma, if you could see me now (see me now)
So much underseat storage you could fit a cow (fit a cow)
I’m Billy Mays of scooters, call it Ped-wow (Ped-wow)
No life decision I made, could be more advisable
Yeah, never thought I’d be on a scooter
It’s the best way to be a commuter (yeah)
Bob Lafollette, look at me, oh
Never thought I’d see the day
When a slick scooter comin my way
Believe me when I say, I love my scooter

About Nate

Graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am studying public policy, administration, and law. More importantly, I am getting the La Follette School Student Association out and onto the blogosphere. Here we come!
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