Madison Non-Profit Day

One of Madison’s great features is its active nonprofit sector.  Within La Follette, classes on Non-Profit Leadership (PA 887) and general public management/budgetting no doubt give us tools to enter that world.  However, I am impressed with my classmates that are already involved: the Wisconsin EDGE Project, for example.

With all these non-profit connections, I was happy when Joanna reminded me to post about the Madison Non-Profit Day (Friday, August 21, 2009).  Check out their website:  While there, notice that The Underground Food Collective‘s Jonny Hunter (La Follette Student!) has a video up.

Also – check this event out on Facebook.  Here is a posting of the news release for the event:

………….  EVENT  ANNOUNCEMENT   ……………..

Discover. Connect. Celebrate! Madison Nonprofit Day on August 21 raises awareness and celebrates the wonders of Madison nonprofits. Relax with a guided stroll through beautiful gardens. Become a better caregiver for your elderly or disabled parents, partners, or friends. Discover the nonprofits of Atwood Neighborhood and Allied Drive on walking and bike tours. Discuss the changing economy’s effect on food and personal essentials. Build your technology, leadership, and communication skills. Bring your family to a picnic/potluck at Wirth Court Park. Connect with nonprofit leaders, professionals, and community activists.

With more than 20 scheduled events and activities at Goodman Community Center and around the city, it’s easier than ever to discover, connect, and celebrate Madison’s vibrant nonprofit community.

Drupal: Empowering Nonprofits
In Madison, Drupal is frequently the content management system (CMS)/web development tool of choice among many nonprofits. Learn why Drupal is empowering the nonprofit web and get insights into two specialized systems for Drupal, uCount participant tracking system, and Open Atrium – intranet in a box- distribution.

Best Technology Practices for Nonprofits
Many nonprofits need similar types of Technology.  In this session we will explore the best practices in areas such as internet connections,  email, printing, file sharing and backup.  There will be time for questions and answers; interaction is encouraged.

You Need a Database: Managing Data for Small to Mid-Size Nonprofits
Whom do you need to contact? Members? Donors? Prospects? Vendors? Parents? Board members? Committees? Volunteers? How do you reach them? Land mail? E-mail? Phone? Who’s given you money? When? How much? For what purpose? In whose honor or memory? If you’ve had to deal with these questions before, then you need a database.

Demise of the Toilet Paper Fairy
Join the conversation on how the provision of personal essentials—hygiene-related products, including diapers, shampoos, and laundry soap—helps those struggling with food and or rent issues maintain dignity and jobs.

Food for Thought
In the current economy, many Americans now have to choose between paying for monthly bills— medical, car, insurance, energy— or food for their families. This panel explores the new reality of the working poor and creative ways that food pantries are leading the charge in helping to maintain nutrition and make ends meet.

Hey You! Yes, You! Speaking Up for Your Cause
In these “interesting” times, it’s essential for everyone in the nonprofit world to lead and speak up for their cause, because leadership and advocacy are at the heart of nonprofit work.

Art in the Park
A picnic/potluck, lunchtime gathering with food from Atwood neighborhood restaurants and your contribution of chips, soda or a home-cooked dish. It’s a relaxed, family-friendly environment in which to learn about local arts, humanity, and social justice organizations.

Atwood Neighborhood Nonprofits Tour
A walking tour of some of the nonprofits in the Atwood neighborhood. Meet just a few of the nonprofit organizations and programs in the Atwood Neighborhood.

Garden Strolls at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
A guided stroll through one of North America’s Top 10 inspirational gardens, lead by Gardens Director Roberta Sladky. Come stop and smell the roses, the fennel, and foxglove.

Hula-Hoopla at Henry Vilas Zoo
The Grassroots Leadership College in collaboration with Henry Vilas Zoo will offer this family-fun event with hula hoops.

Workshops, panels and other activities are offered; visit


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