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The Friday Links Post:

The resurgence of the militia movement in the United States could lead to a rise in domestic terrorism:
“The current political environment is awash with seemingly absurd but nonetheless influential conspiracy theories, hyperbolic claims and demonized targets,” Berlet concluded. “And this creates a milieu where violence is a likely outcome.”

Our own Senator Feingold wrote (pdf) President Obama a letter in May which address an issue likely to come to debate soon: preventative detention. Feingold wrote then:
“any system that permits the government to indefinitely detain individuals without charge or without a meaningful opportunity to have accusations against them adjudicated by an impartial arbiter violates basic American values and is likely unconstitutional.”

A Tufts graduate student wrote an interesting piece about the cost of war in Afghanistan:
“How many years can we spend $68 billion in Afghanistan.  If Anthony Cordesman is correct then “victory” is still years to come.  Yet, it has already been more than 8 years of “democracy/state-building“, even though AQ [al-Qaeda] hasn’t re-established a base there since October 2001.  That was some sort of victory; maybe it is the only “victory” we need.”

Paul Krugman wrote a book review in 1998 which addressed the questions of minimum wage, which is interesting in light of the PA880 lectures from this week. Robert Reich addressed the topic as well. Both refer to the morality of the issue as opposed to the market:
“But the minimum wage is also a moral statement about the minimum value of work in our society. And it’s been dropping.”

And for fun:
A Back-to-Grad-School Suit That Won’t Put You Into Debt


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