House Vote 699

Photo Courtesy of Senate.govIn an effort to think about something to write today, I went and read some of my frequently visited blogs (Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and Eugene Volokh) to see what was on there minds (I am avoiding Glenn Greenwald since he has influenced just about everything I’ve written thus far). While a lot of interesting stuff is going on (mostly healthcare-related), none of it appealed to me. Instead, I wanted to discuss the House of Representatives rebuke of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC). Now the House of Representatives is my favorite House. It is the excited one, the one for the masses, representing the little guy, etc. Senators always seem so snooty and privileged. Now that my Senator is Russ Feingold, I do feel more like my interests are more represented (I don’t really follow Herb Kohl, but based on my Wikipedia reading, I am not a fan of his voting record). At least more represented than when Mel Martinez (R-FL also, a big quitter) and The Family member Bill Nelson (D-FL) were my Senators. But Representatives, man. I always feel like I have their ear. Sometimes I’ll even get actual emails from their offices rather than non-committal form emails on whatever issue I am complaining about (Not to say I haven’t sent emails praising decisions, it is just a lot less frequent, especially considering I have only been of voting age for 6 years and thus spent the majority of it unhappy about The Current Administration*).

Anyway, so representatives are a bit wilder, a little slower to reach consensus, but favorable to the dreaded Senators. But I must say, today I AM DISAPPOINTED. Not that I am not disappointed frequently (because I am, but, to be fair, the House disappointments are a lot easier to forgive). The House of Representatives today took time, time I pay for as a tax payer, to rebuke Congressman Joe Wilson. Apparently, 240 Reps think what he did was stupid and the other 179, I have to assume, are stupid. Five people voted present which doesn’t even make sense. Ten people didn’t vote which makes them today’s big winners. Normally, I am against not voting, but for this? Really? Just save us all some time and don’t vote. Don’t even show up to vote. Just go home and spend time with your family. I would prefer to use my tax dollars to fund that then to fund a waste of time telling someone, from South Carolina of all places, what is rude. Southerners know rude.

Plus, South Carolina as a state has problems way worse than little Joe Wilson. Maybe we should focus on something else, like taking care of this healthcare thing so politicians can move on to something I know more about**.

*There was a brief period between January 20, 2009 and January 30, 2009 when I was not unhappy about The Current Administration.

**Not that healthcare isn’t a serious issue, but what I want isn’t going to happen, so I’d like them to just wrap it up and move on to, say. education, which may or may not be my focus at La Follette (it is).


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Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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2 Responses to House Vote 699

  1. Ish amarreh says:

    He folks, I though you might find this article on health care interesting. I read it in the summer, and in my opinion it hits the nail on the head when it comes to the biggest problem in health care. COST

  2. I actually heard the author of that article on the radio in June. It is seriously enlightening and a good read (though long). I’ll work on writing up a post that address some of what is in this article. I also think it would be interesting to discuss Sen. Max Baucus’ proposal.

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