New Ban on Flavored Cigarettes

This summer, the FDA was granted the authority to regulate cigarettes and other tobacco products. The FDA made its first significant move this week, with a new ban on flavored cigarettes. Cigarettes made with flavors mimicking fruit, candy, and alcohol are particularly enticing to children and young adults. However, menthol is still allowed in tobacco products for now. Menthol is widely used among African-American smokers and may make cigarettes more addictive or more harmful to health.

Tobacco use and regulation can be a heated topic. What’s your take on it?

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3 Responses to New Ban on Flavored Cigarettes

  1. I favor treatment plans for addicts (to cigarettes or otherwise) over making them illegal because making something illegal just drives it to an untaxed black market that benefits only criminals.

  2. Emily says:

    I favor the FDA candy flavored regulation! The best way to reduce the burden of tobacco is to keep kids from starting to use it.

  3. That is true. Candy flavored tobacco isn’t quite the same as making cigarettes illegal in general. It is clearly aimed at increasing the number smokers, not just providing tobacco to people who are addicts.

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