LSSA Minutes from Sept. 22, 2009

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:00 pm

Memorial Union, Studio A

1. Committee updates:

  • Volunteer: Lots of folks want to be on the volunteer committee.  Will have more at the next meeting.
  • Program Liaison: Faculty meeting was today.  A few items for the overview—they’re going to donate some money to the Goodman Community Center.  Also they’re working on a committee on mentorships and helping to get people jobs.  They also spent a fair amount of time on the curriculum and when classes are taught.  They use a lot of community folks and are aware that students are concerned with fewer class opportunities.  Also working on doing some fundraising for a new building.  Students with 4 years of work experience will be allowed to waive the 800 class.  A meeting on the issue of loss of faculty members will be held.
  • Fundraising:  T-shirts are in!  Sold 10 so far and have about 50 left.  Might want to hang one in the basement lounge to promote them.  Contacted 5 Guys regarding a fundraising event and will let you know when I hear from them.  No update on the spelling bee.  We’re going to have some penny wars between the first, second years, faculty.
  • Social: Happy Hour tomorrow from 4:30 to 7 pm at the Orpheum!  This also includes alumni and faculty and staff.  The following Friday is a bowling outing (Oct. 2) from 8pm for a couple of hours.
  • Alumni coordinator:  No updates, just keep blogging.  Mary Russell will speak with the 800 class on the mentorship.
  • Secretary: Business cards are ordered and will be in in a couple of weeks.  We have a first year representative elected.  Congrats to Paige Muegenberg!
  • Treasurer: We have $1900 in the bank.  We had a final profit of $1439 on the book sale.  Business cards had a profit of $100.  Still selling snack bar stuff and t-shirts.
  • Graduation coordinators:  Badger Bus from 12- 3:45 is $900; a charter bus is $600 for 6 hour minimum; school bus is $126 for three hours.  A trolley service is $900.  A limo bus is $850.  Will look into offering a park and ride from the Goodman Center.  Board recommended booking a charter bus.
  • Vice President:  Roundtable will soon be booked.  Nate is working on one on religion and policy.  It will be an afternoon event either next week or the week after on Wednesday at 4:30 pm.  Maybe want to do pizza in the afternoon.
  • President:  Conference fee support form passed around.  Would like to send something out this week.  Board recommended asking for additional information on the conference (website, phone, contact person) in order to conduct adequate backgrounds before determining the award.

2.  PAA application—This is the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society.  The LSSA board last year set up the charter for La Follette.  If you meet the criteria, it’s a good thing to sign on to.  Susan Yackee is the contact person for information on this.  We might want to look into giving the graduation speaker an honorary membership in this.

3.  Distinguished teaching nomination:  Karen Faster forwarded a link last year for nomination for distinguished teacher.  Deadline isn’t until January 20th.  This is a university-wide nomination.

4.  Faculty advisor:  Mary Treleven asked if we’d like to have a faculty advisor as part of the board.  The role of the faculty advisor would be to guide us and might be an opportunity to bridge the gap with the faculty.  Will try to get more information from Mary on what the next step would be.  Might also want to consider having a faculty liaison, whose role would be less formal.

5.  Open comment:  Mary Treleven also asked if we’d be interested in working on a YouTube video to highlight La Follette.  She’d like LSSA to send out encouragement to the students.  Becky will work with Mary T.

6.  Next meeting:  October 6 at 7 pm

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