EDGE Project: What We Accomplished

EDGE Project recently completed its first group of community development projects in Lingira, Uganda. Our summer was an overwhelming success and we are looking forward to returning to Uganda over winter break and next summer. Below are some of the things we accomplished. We have hired an Field Coordinator who will be monitoring our projects in between our trips to Uganda.

Lingira Girls Football Club (LGFC): EDGE has partnered with Tackle Africa, a UK-based organization that uses soccer to create HIV/AIDS awareness and promote healthy living. Together, we have launched a girls soccer team with that seeks to enable young girls in Lingira to dream big and empowers them to pursue those dreams. EDGE Project was featured in a national Ugandan newspaper for its work with the soccer team.

Lingira Island Family Planning Initiative: Upon the request of the community itself, members of the Health and Nutrition team put together an informative guide and local committee tasked with spreading awareness and providing resources about family planning. The initiative works with YWAM, a clinic already present on the island.

Growing Together: Lingira Island Farming Association: EDGE worked with community leaders to create a farmer’s association comprised of representatives from each of the four camps (Katonga, Lingira, Kyoya and Omolo) on Lingira as a means of knowledge-sharing in order to develop agricultural capacity on the island. The farmers association, known as Basoka Kwavula Lingira Farming Association Group, will also serve as a forum to host EDGE Project trainings, extension workers, and workshops conducted by community leaders.

Women’s Craft Co-op: EDGE has created a women’s craft co-op as a means of income generation for Lingira’s women. The women make paper-bead necklaces and banana-leaf bags and mats. The co-op also serves as a platform for the women to discuss their interests and aspirations. The income they make helps feed their families and finance their children’s educations. The items will be sold on fairtradeworld.org as well as auctioned off at our upcoming banquet in November.

Primary School: For two weeks, EDGE travelers assisted primary school teachers in teaching ESL through arts and crafts, music, and games.

Global Studies Program: EDGE created a program to inform students about world cultures, climate, foods, and traditions.

Secondary School Classes and Income Generation: Students were tutored in English and Math to supplement course material for their upcoming final examinations. EDGE also purchased land and an engine to establish a grain mill to grind sougham and maize in order to subsidize costs to the students and provide a means to generate income for the school.

Community Organizing and Leadership Seminars: EDGE sought to provide a foundation for emerging leaders to engage in projects that address community needs. EDGE provided information sessions and training workshops to begin a discussion of potential projects.

Girls Discussion Group: Secondary school girls were brought together to engage in discussions regarding their ambitions, aspirations, and futures.

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