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National Grab Bag

Links, links, links. This is the longest it ever took me to compile this post. I was kind of out of the news loop this week.

  • President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for diplomacy. I thought it was a mistake when I saw the NY Times email alert. In fact, I had the same reaction as many others – including Glenn Greenwald – that it was an Onion headline gone awry.
  • Before I got that email alert, I was planning to link to this: a story about how, since the US has nowhere to house detainees, the military may begin (or already has begun) choosing the kill side of capture or kill.
  • Nobel Prize (in economics) winner Paul Krugman has a Q&A up on his blog about the economy and economic issues that is directed at lay people.
  • The United States government went to war with the moon without a hint of diplomacy.
  • Landslides have killed more than 120 people in the Philippines.

Today’s picture is from Puck, a humor magazine from 1876-1918, that picked on the Senate quite a bit. Picture from


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