LSSA Minutes from 10.06.09

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board

7:00 pm

Memorial Union

1. Committee updates:

-Volunteer:  Volunteer committee meeting last night.  Did some brainstorming and there are a bunch of folks on the committee.  Planning on doing a couple of smaller events this term and some bigger events in the spring.  This weekend is the Step Up for Down Syndrome, a walking event.  We’re on the team of the daughter of a La Follette Alum.  You can sign up to do the walk by emailing Becky and please wear your La Follette shirt.  Possibly an event involving baking pies with folks at the senior center.  There would be some chopping (knife noises from all!!  Chop, chop, chop!)

-Program Liaison: Faculty minutes were sent out.  Please let Erika know about any concerns regarding the electives.

-Fundraising:  Working on some ideas.  Waiting to hear back from Chipotle, Five Guys and Noodles.  Hoping to sell sweatshirts around the holidays or another item like coffee mugs.  The spelling bee is the back up plan.

-Social:  Bowling was last Friday, had great attendance.  30-40 people showed up.  The first social committee meeting is tomorrow night.  We’re working on another fall event, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, corn maze.  Working on another happy hour too.  Might want to think about doing some sort of incentive to push the shirts.

-Alumni coordinator: THANK YOU to everyone for helping address invites!  That was great, and Karen Faster was happy with how quick it happened, too.  La Flog – 100 posts, 45 comments, 2,200 visits (not including me).  Not enough contributors, though (hint, hint).

-Secretary: The business cards from Vistaprint are in and were delivered by Paige last week.

-Treasurer: A little shy of $2000 in the bank.  No reimbursement from the picnic yet.  We’ve sold 24 t-shirts so far.

-Graduation coordinators:  Sent around list of possible graduation speakers.  Please comment on these speakers so we can narrow the list down.  The bus will be reserved in the next couple of days.  Also replenished the snack bar today.

-First year rep: Held a listening session.  A few ideas from folks.  First years are interested in monthly happy hour and regular volunteering opportunities.  Some questions about printing.  Might want to consider posting a sign that people that can put it in the money can in the basement.  People that got business cards were excited.

-Vice President:  The first round-table was last week.  We had good turnout and $7 in donations.  We’ll have another one Oct. 21st in the morning.

-President: See below for discussion of faculty advisor.  The URPL (possibly Adam Smith) President is in the first year La Follette class, so we might want to try to partner with them on events or other things.  One student suggested that we consider doing a distinguished lecture partnership.

2. Faculty advisor: Spoke with Mary Treleven about the faculty advisor idea.  No one is really concerned about us, but it may help us create more communication between the faculty and staff and what LSSA is up to.  We would identify a faculty member to be an advisor.  Karen Faster or Mary Treleven would potentially be good folks, but we do want to try to bring in some faculty member that isn’t already involved with us.  We might want to develop a specific set of expectations or thoughts regarding the advisor so that they know what we are looking for.  The next faculty meeting is two weeks from today, so we might want to draft something before then.  We also may want to incentivize it in some way for the faculty.  We’d like the faculty to show up when it fits in their schedule.  Mary is willing to organize a faculty/student kickball game.  If people are planning an event, please check in with Mary about likely times.

3. Distinguished lecture partnership:  They do co-sponsorships with campus groups either through monetary contributions or marketing.  They would reserve seats for us if we did that.  We could also just organize groups to attend lectures.  They want to spark more dialogue on campus around the series, so we might play a role in leading a discussion or something.  Speakers coming up over the next year.  Farha worked with this group last year.  Behavioral economist is coming to speak Nov. 10th.

4. Next meeting:  October 20th at 7 pm, November 3rd at 7 pm

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