LSSA Minutes 10.19.09

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:00 pm

1. Committee updates:

-Volunteer:  No report.

-Program Liaison:  Faculty meeting tomorrow.  Will ask for any speaker recommendations from them.  Will let them know about our upcoming social events.

-Fundraising:  Contacting Zas about fundraising.  Collecting jars for penny wars.

-Social: Happy hour next Wednesday, similar to our last happy hour.  Will send out a time and place shortly.  Also talking about a Halloween event, going to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard during the day and then in the evening having a pumpkin carving contest.

-Alumni coordinator: No report.

-Secretary:  No report.

-Treasurer:  Sold a couple of other shirts, almost out of the red.  We have about $1800 in the bank.  Waiting on a couple of other reimbursement checks. Last year LSSA covered the cost of shipping the certificates for the PAA honor society, about $20 and will cover the cost again this year.

-Graduation coordinators:  Booked the bus so we just need to sign a form for them.  They know that it will be a shuttle service.  Will check in with Jonny again about the catering and see if he needs volunteers to help him.  Still taking comments on the speakers.  Had a meeting with Carolyn Heinrich and she suggested a couple of folks.  More thorough discussion of speakers at next time.

-First year rep:  No report.

-Vice President:  No report.

-President:  There is a student who submitted a reimbursement for a conference, that application is circulating. Any discussion on conference fee application?  Questions or concerns?  VP moves to approve conference fee reimbursement, seconded by the program liaison, passed UC. Please be sure to email Karen Faster any events for the webpage.

2. Faculty consultant update: Met with Mickie Waterman and Mary Trelevan about faculty consultant.  No one had concerns about Moynihan serving as our consultant, so we’ll probably ask him to join us after the first of the year.

3. Discussion to encourage greater faculty interaction: Continuing on the meeting with Mickie and Mary.  Suggestions were to host more events at the school during hours where faculty could join.  Options include: trivial pursuit night, kickball game, or cheese tasting event.  We’ll help with planning on this and Mary will bring it up at the faculty meeting tomorrow.

4. Distinguished lecture partnership: Erika Jones emailed about the distinguished lecture partnership.  Our role would be to help hand out fliers promoting the series.  She’ll be in touch with additional details in the future.

5. Open comment: None.

6. Next meeting: November 3rd at 7 pm

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