North Korea’s Twitter Account

Some people hate Twitter. I love Twitter. Shaq is hilarious. Glenn Greenwald is insightful and funny. Paul F. Tompkins/Ted Leo/John Hodgman make my days better. But my absolute favorite part of Twitter? The daily updates from Korea Central News Agency in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka the state-run news agency of North Korea). Since I have been “following” KCNA , they have improved their understanding of how Twitter works, including the elusive # hashtags. However, all the tweets come in one lump and they are always hilariously banal, yet disturbing.

Here are yesterday’s Tweets:

Solar Cell Street Lamps Donated by China

Kim Jong Il Enjoys Art Performance (Note: If you only read one, this is the one to read. It is fantastic.)

“The performers enthusiastically sang of the blessed worthy life as soldiers under the loving care of Kim Jong Il and strikingly demonstrated the might of the heroic Korean People’s Army which has grown to be an invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu and its firm faith and will to devotedly safeguard the headquarters of the revolution as a fortress and shield and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche with arms.”

Later in the story…

“Noting that the 33rd art festival of KPA servicepersons which was held before full houses clearly proved the validity and vitality of the WPK’s policy on popularizing the art, he extended a warm salute to all the participants who fully displayed the mental power and collective spirit of the KPA by participating in the festival with great enthusiasm.”

Kim Yong Nam Greets Turkmenistan President

Marathon Race of DPRK Championships Held

Kim Yong Il Greets St. Vincent PM

It is totally worth checking out their Twitter page just in case something awesome happens, such as Kim Jong Il enjoying an art performance.


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