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Sarah Kock on the 2009 Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Sarah Kock on the 2009 Orientation Scavenger Hunt


Reblogging as they like to call it. This week:

  • Nate Silver ( points out – another –  instance of misleading polling by Zogby.
  • Mark Kleiman, a UCLA Public Affairs professor, is guest blogging about crime and punishment on Volokh Conspiracy. The next installment is policy proposals, so except a blog post about that soon. Here is an excerpt of the current installment:

“Strong patterns of residential segregation by race and class plus differential crime rates together mean that the average poor African-American grows up in a higher-crime environment than a white American of comparable income or a more prosperous African-American. And since higher-crime areas are also lower-punishment-per-crime areas, crimes committed against poor black people draw lower-than-average punishments.”

  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting has a pretty cool blog. The media is such an essential piece of policy formation, especially in terms of public opinion, that it seems essential to have a group keeping an eye on news outlets accuracy.
  • European Voice discusses how debates in the EU about organizational structure of development policy are overshadowing the more important debate about aid (i.e. should aid be given to suit the recipients’ needs or the donors’ needs). – Thanks for the tip, Jen!

“There is a danger that development policy…pays greater attention to foreign policy and security than to poverty reduction.”

Today’s picture is from La Flog’s Flickr page. Student Sarah Kock is enjoying the orientation week scavenger hunt!


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