LSSA Minutes–11.03.09

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:00 pm

1. Committee updates:

-Volunteer: Sending out an email tomorrow regarding a couple of volunteer opportunities.  One thing through the Urban League, Education and Career Talks to local youths, second, a Thanksgiving basket food drive and, third, we’re sponsoring a family for the holidays.

-Program Liaison:  Sent out the faculty meeting minutes.  President and I will be meeting with Carolyn next week about some student concerns.  Some changes include combining the 818 course sections, MIPA faculty, PhD students teaching 874, bigger class sizes, and fewer course offerings.

-Fundraising:  Still waiting to hear from four different restaurants on State Street to contact her about fundraising opportunities.  Want to sell candy grams during finals/the holidays, sell them in the student lounge.  Also need to organize sweatshirt sales and get design ideas for the next meeting.

-Social:  Happy hour at Echo tap last week and Halloween event last weekend was a good event.  We’re having a wine & cheese event with the faculty and staff, please RSVP to Mickie for the Nov. 20th event.  LSSA is providing the cheese.  Another happy hour coming up soon.

-Alumni coordinator:  No update

-Secretary: No update

-Treasurer: Reimbursement from orientation, we’re allotted $300 and we spent $312.  We are now in the black for the t-shirts.  Working on the Pi Alpha Alpha initiation, certificates and pins take a couple weeks to get here.  Seven people will receive the pins, four are not in LSSA.  Should invite them to the next LSSA meeting to give the pins.  $2100 in the bank.

-Graduation coordinators:  No food estimate yet, because Jonny just had a baby.  The next big cost is the musicians.  Graduation speakers are narrowed down to about five people, will meet with Carolyn and Terry again to consult on these names.  We can have people rate the potential speakers and present that at the next meeting.

-First year rep: No report.

-Vice President:  The last roundtable was not well attended and there is a survey that people should be responding to.  Wednesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons are the leading times.  Topics are pretty varied, state & local issues, law & public policy, international development, national security issues.  Comments included mainly scheduling issues.  28 people have responded so far.

-President:  Dec 8th will be a roundtable on immigration issues partnering with the faculty brownbag. Wants to promote greater first year involvement in LSSA – first year participation seems to be down.  Try to identify a first year to be in charge of an event that you are planning.

2. Faculty consultant update:  No update

3. Paper policy update – suggestions for collecting funds:  We need to clear up some communications issues with the paper in the basement.  Treasurer will email the appropriate staff person regarding the office supplies owed to us by La Follette.

4. Distinguished lecture partnership:  Our help isn’t needed anymore, but will organize a group of people to go to the speaker together.

5. Open comment:  Might want to set up a panel to talk to first years about next semester’s classes.  Jonny is looking for volunteers to help at the Dane County Farmer’s Market, more details to come.

6. Next meeting: December 1st at 7 pm

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