Interesting News from Elsewhere

  • NASA found considerable amounts of water on the moon. Very exciting news for those us who dreamed of living on the moon as children.
  • Nate Silver analyzes why previously pro-choice Democrats voted for the Stupak amendment (which prevents some insurance coverage for abortions).
  • MSNBC has a mock up of the US citizenship test. Take it and post your results. (Not to intimidate you, but I got a 95%).
  • For fantasy sports fans, there is now Supreme Court Fantasy League in which points are awarded for the outcome, the split and which justice were in the majority. The site is aptly named Fantasy SCOTUS. Students can play for free. (I am 8-1 in Fantasy Football and, as such, pretty high on my talents right now, so I think I’ll be joining shortly.)
  • For those of you missing the days of overt racism, don’t worry. They aren’t gone yet.

No picture this week because I am way behind in everything else due to reading everything on the internet to find interesting things to post.


About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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3 Responses to Interesting News from Elsewhere

  1. gringolost says:

    Sylvia, you’re doing a lot of bragging in this post.

    /And it looks like I beat you on the citizenship test. I got a perfect 100% (18/18).

  2. I never claimed that modesty was a virtue. You going to join Fantasy Supreme Court with me?

    • gringolost says:

      Sure, I’ll play Fantasy SCOTUS. Just direct me to your league/court?

      Quick trivia: Who is the only Supreme Court Justice to come from my hometown, Bakersfield, CA?

      – Answer: Chief Justice Earl Warren. That’s right. Bakersfield is cool.

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