LSSA Minutes 12.01.09

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:00 pm

Memorial Union

1.Committee updates:

-Volunteer:  Finished up the Thanksgiving drive.  Filled the backseat of Becky’s car.  Woot!  Plans to adopt a family for the holidays are still ongoing.  Going to do a breakfast with the Dane Co. Farmer’s Market next semester.  Book sales coming up next semester as well.

-Program Liaison: Met with Heinrich to discuss curriculum changes and she’ll be hosting a brownbag early next semester so students can ask questions.  Dec 17th is the next faculty meeting.

-Fundraising:  We can go to Five Guys in late January, so we’ll follow up with them in early January.

-Social:  Open House was two weeks ago.  Good turnout from faculty and staff.  We may have an end of the semester party on Dec. 19th.  A Christmas sweater and cookie party!

-Alumni coordinator:  Invites for next semester’s February alumni reception need to be addressed.  Next Wednesday at 4 PM in the La Follette Lounge.  Pizza and other food/beverage items will be provided.

-Secretary: No report.

-Treasurer:  We’ve been paid back in some office supplies now.  Balance of $1900 in the bank.  Have about a $50 profit on the t-shirts now.  PAA Award presentation

-Graduation coordinators:  Met with Carolyn to discuss graduation speakers.  She drafted a letter to Charlene Barshefsky who was the US Trade Representative during the Clinton Administration.  She’s a UW grad and her daughter is graduating from undergrad this year.  We sent the letter last week and are waiting to hear back.  Still waiting on price estimate from Jonny.

-First year rep:  No report.

-Vice President: Working on the fundraising coordinator election.

-President:  Prospective student days are coming up and we’ll be assisting with those as necessary.

2. Conference reimbursement approval:  Lilly Shields submitted a request and request was approved unanimously.

3. Sweatshirts:  Spoke with Underground Printing.  If we get them a template by Thursday and finalize by Friday, we can get sweatshirts ordered, made and delivered by the end of the semester.  Dark gray with red printing and the “motion W” over the heart.  “La Follette School of Public Affairs” also in red on the back.  Probably will be sold for $30.  Sweatshirt and a mug for $35, sweatshirt and a t-shirt for $40, sweatshirt, t-shirt and a mug for $45.

4. 12/8 lunch roundtable event:  Immigration topic.  We’ll buy food.  From noon to 1 PM.

5. Fundraising chair brainstorm:  No nominations for fundraising at this point.  This is a pretty difficult position to fill generally.  Board members will be splitting the responsibility, but Becky agreed to handle some informal coordinating until we have someone nominated for the position.  Major fundraising upcoming includes silent auction, Five Guys fundraiser, and spelling bee.

6. Open comment: Fun event probably in early January.  Also, will be sending a survey out about LSSA activities.

7. Next meeting:  Next semester TBD.

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