Interesting News From Elsewhere

Just for fun

Finally, the nation returns from the winter break and we have lots of news again. Top half is fun, bottom half is less so.

“You might be an economist if …

… you plan to have your children born in December rather than January so you can maximize the discounted present value of the child tax credit.”

  • A juvenile prison rape report sheds light onto what has been previously deemed isolated incidence of abuse.
  • Blackwater Worldwide (which changed its name to Xe Services) is paying $100,000 for each Iraqi killed in the Nisour Square Massacre.  The comments from the firm are so incredibly insensitive, it is hard to image actual human beings found them acceptable to say, nevermind submit to print.
  • Paul Krugman discusses the job numbers that came out today.

Today’s picture is just for fun. I’m not sure the source, though I found it here.


About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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