Harry Reid (D-NV) should drop out of his Senate race

I know Democrats have been dropping (“retiring”) during this midterm election season, but I see no reason why one more shouldn’t. Senator Harry Reid apologized today (Saturday aka trying to hide the news day) for a statement he made during the presidential race. Senator Reid “described in private then-Sen. Barack Obama as ‘light skinned’ and ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.'”

The problems with his statement are so numerous, it is disturbing. A politician in this day and age should not be dumb enough to utter them aloud. Not only are they racist in sentiment, but he felt the need to use to word Negro. And in front of people. It is just baffling. Harry Reid is unfit to be a Senator and he should remove himself from this Senate race in an effort to acknowledge and lessen the amount of shame he has brought upon himself, the citizens of Nevada, and the rest of us.

**Update: Reid called the President to apologize.

***Update 1/12/10: A conservative blogger, with whom I rarely agree, has made me partially rethink my position on this. No one can know if Reid honestly thinks that black people are inherently different from white people, though his words were certainly poorly chosen. I still think that we should expect more from a professional politician responsible for representing the American people.

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About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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