LSSA Minutes 01.27.10

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:30 pm

Memorial Union

Committee updates:

  1. Volunteer:  Committee will be meeting next week.  We have the Haiti change drive in the lounge.  Polar Plunge is Feb 20th. Might try to do a joint fundraising/charity event.
  2. Program Liaison: No report.
  3. Fundraising:  We can go any Thursday in the month of February.  Probably will do the 11th.  Spelling bee will probably be in May.  Pizza sales in March or April.  Try to do another restaurant as well.
  4. Social:  Formal is Feb 27th from 6-9pm at Brocach.  $10/ticket.  Probably have a happy hour on Feb 10th.
  5. Alumni coordinator:  Alumni event next week on Feb 4th.  Also sent an email to first years about mentors.  The silent auction is happening thanks to Jonny.  We’ll be auctioning off Underground Food Collective dinners.
  6. Secretary:  Elections will be coming up soon.  Will work with Scott on setting up a survey for voting rather than email voting.
  7. Treasurer:  T-shirt profit is up to $200.  Still in the red $40 on the sweatshirt sale.  Mugs are up $72 and the book sale made $742.  Checks will be in people’s boxes on Friday for the book sale.  Balance of $1265 after blocking off money for food, beverages and transportation for graduation.
  8. Graduation coordinators:  Jonny was here to discuss menu options for the graduation.  Planning for 250-300 people.  Ceremony will start at 11am and reception at Goodman start 1pm.  Probably do a couple types of sandwiches, salads with vegetarian options.  Budget for food, drink, and staffing is $1500.  Still working on graduation speakers, either Jeff Greenfield or Dick Leinenkugel.
  9. First year rep: No report.
  10. Vice President: No report.
  11. President: Reported on fundraising and other items.

Open comment

Next meeting:  2/17 and 3/17

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