LSSA Minutes 02.17.10

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:30 p.m.

– Committee updates:

  1. Volunteer: Polar Plunge is on Saturday.  Emily lifts her shift to display the Plunge shirt.  The Plunge starts at 11:20am.  We’ve raised over $1300 for the Special Olympics.  Farmers market breakfast on April 9th and 10th.  We need volunteers for prep on the 9th and then 10th to serve breakfast.  There will be two shifts of people and we need lots of volunteers.  Also working on a mentorship program with 21st Century careers.  Carolyn asked to do some fundraising for the symposium speaker’s, Ben Skinner, organizations for human trafficking.  The date for the symposium is April 30th. Might want to use the spelling bee fundraiser for this.
  2. Social: Spring Formal on February 27th at Brocach from 6-9pm.  Selling tickets now for $10/ticket.  Serving Shepard’s Pie, Pasta salad and cheesecake.  Happy hour at the City Bar last week was good.  The dual event with Five Guys went well.  Also do a March happy hour.
  3. Alumni coordinator: Alumni reception went well.
  4. Secretary: Elections are a 10-day to two-week process.  Constitution specifies the earliest time they can be is March 1.  I propose a March 8-10 nominating period, acceptance of nominations by March 12, statements due March 16 and election March 17-18.  There are 12 positions available.  A transition meeting would be in early April, during the week of the 5th, possibly the 7th.
  5. Treasurer: We have $1800 in bank accounting for food and drink for graduation and money for the spring formal.  Haven’t accounted for music yet. We raised over $300 from silent auction and about $100 from Five Guys.
  6. Faculty Liaison: Will attend the March faculty meeting.
  7. Graduation coordinators: Jeff Greenfield will be the graduation speaker.  He is the CBS correspondent and former RFK speechwriter.  Mickie will be working with him on travel arrangements.  We’ll make him an honorary member of the PAA.  Also, spoke with the horn quartet and they’re asking for $300, but willing to negotiate.  Last year we paid $200 for them and we’ll try to negotiate with them.  A string quartet would be $400.   We could get flowers from Trader Joe’s or the farmer’s market for the reception.  Next, we need to print invitations and programs.  Cap and gowns are ordered through UW.  First year rep is in charge of soliciting the faculty and student speaker for the ceremony.
  8. First year rep:  No report, but did attend the faculty meeting yesterday.  Talked about the Chancellor coming and that it went well.  Lubar also had a good visit to La Follette a couple of weeks ago and also exerted some influence on Biddy.
  9. Vice President:  Will be in a speedo for the Polar Plunge.  No report.
  10. President:  We have some extra funds raised, so we might want to think of some things that we might do to use that money.  We’ll make this an agenda item for our next meeting.  We need to get some first year input so we can get some good ideas.  Also, for next meeting, review the handbook and make any updates, comments or suggestions.  If we want to identify a student who excels at his or her work and recognize the individual at graduation.

-Open Comment

-Next meeting:  3/15 at 7:30

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