LSSA Minutes 03.15.10 + Election Results!

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 LSSA Board:

Erika Jones (President), Sylvia Fredericks (VP), Jen Winter (Treasurer), Christine Durkin (Secretary), Emily Ley (Social), Kristina Krull (Alumni), Lara Rosen (Volunteer), Sarah Hurley (Fundraising), Adam Hartung (Program Liaison) and Sara Kock and Monica Wedgewood (Graduation)

LSSA Minutes, 2009-2010 Board


7:30 p.m.

On Wisconsin B, Red Gym

-Committee updates:

  1. Volunteer: 21st Century careers have two groups going to present.  Sylvia set that up.  Farmers market breakfast on April 10th at the indoor market.  Jonny is our executive chef.  Weekend before we’ll meet with farmers about produce on Saturday of Spring Break.  April 9th we’ll do prep at location TBA.  Two shifts on Saturday morning from 6-9am and 9-noon.
  2. Social: Formal was a couple of weeks ago and went well.  Probably try to do one more happy hour next week on Thursday.
  3. Alumni coordinator: No report.
  4. Secretary: First years will vote on next year’s board later this week.  Two races, program liaison and graduation coordinators.
  5. Treasurer: Balance after paying for everything for graduation will be about $850.
  6. Graduation coordinators: Printing costs will be around $140 for the programs.  Scott booked music at $240 and they will play before and after the ceremony.  Any requests?  Let Scott know.  Goodman will get us the official contract soon for $275.  Jeff Greenfield booked his flight.  We’ll give him an honorary PAA membership and something else. Just replenished the snack bar.
  7. Program Liaison: Faculty meeting tomorrow.  Will be missing part of the meeting due to a midterm.
  8. First year rep:  No report.
  9. Vice President: No report.
  10. President: Updates on the handbook from just a couple of people, so please send updates to Emily ASAP.  Class gift ideas include something for the student lounge, books, or something for the graduating students like a coffee mug.  42 students are graduating.  We will leave at least $500 for next year’s class.  We allocate $100 for graduation gift or a remainder.

-Ben Skinner update: Uli is working with Mickie, Natalie and Megan for a fundraiser for his organization.  We’ll have back-to-back classes on Sunday, April 25th for yoga and belly dancing classes.  LSSA will pay for $150 for start-up costs (rental room, mats and fliers).  LSSA will match up to $200.

-Open Comment

-Next meeting:  TBD

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