21st Century Careers

The La Follette School give students a really strong educational foundation in public affairs. But that is far from the only perk of being a Fighting Bob. As we have mentioned here before, there are a wealth of opportunities to learn more, gain experience, or demonstrate your commitment to public service. Recently, quite a few of us have had the opportunity to visit area middle schools to talk to students as part of the 21st Century Careers program. The program is organized by the Urban League of Greater Madison and is designed to help “students begin to develop their post-secondary and career goals in middle school so that they enter high school prepared for a rigorous pre-college curriculum.”

I went with a group of La Follette students to Cherokee Middle School last week. The five of us took questions from (and asked questions to) the sixth and eighth graders in the program. We were there about an hour and had a very good time. The students had a lot of questions about what it was like to go to college, whether we enjoyed our experience, and how we chose where to attend. The site coordinator was very happy with our visit. I feel like this was such a simple way to get information to students from real people about what it is really like to go to college. Our panel had fairly diverse experiences and represented ourselves, our program, and college-going in a positive, but honest, light. Another group of La Follette students went to a middle school yesterday. I am excited to hear if they had a similarly positive experience.

I’m thinking about expanding the program into April so we can visit the remaining middle schools that participate in the 21st Century Careers program. Many students have expressed interest in attending after Spring Break and, hopefully, some more will join. Giving back to the community is of such importance. Taking even just an hour out of our, albeit, very hectic schedules can do an enormous amount of good for students who are interested in, but likely confused about, college.


About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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One Response to 21st Century Careers

  1. Becky says:

    I took a group to Sherman Middle School this past week. It was a great experience. We met with a pretty small group of students, but they were very interested in hearing about our experiences in college and beyond (and also high school since several of them were going to be starting in the fall). One of the most surprising things was how many of the students really enjoyed math and science. Great news! Overall it was a good experience, and I think everyone from our group would love to speak to other students.

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