Update: The Oil Spill

“This helplessness is unorthodox. This helplessness is existential, which is why it’s hanging on everything, like the oil itself.” – Cord Jefferson

On the sixty-fifth day of the oil spill, most the people I talk to have expressed the same range of emotions: fear, anger, helplessness. Cord Jefferson has a stellar post on The Awl (quoted above) about the helplessness we’re feeling. I highly recommend reading it. And just in case you aren’t angry, concerned, or helpless enough, here is some of the recent oil spill news:

Jefferson’s post makes another point I’d like to highlight: “We know that if we boycott BP and instead fill up our cars at Exxon and Citgo, we’ll in essence only be rewarding Exxon and Citgo for not screwing up the world most recently.” Keep that in mind when you leave on the lights or drive when you could have walked (or biked). The response to this has to be epic in order to really make a difference.


About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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