LSSA Meeting Minutes 6.23.2010

LSSA Board Meeting Minutes

June 23, 2010

6pm – 7pm

Memorial Union Terrace

  1. Meeting was called to order
  2. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved
  3. Treasurer Jen Winters reported on the budget for ’10-‘11
    1. Vice President, alumni coordinator, and the graduation coordinators submitted proposals.  The social coordinator and the volunteer coordinator are expected to still have funding requests.
    2. We have a current balance of $605 and a projected budget of $4610
    3. Graduation coordinators project a budget of $4610
  4. Fundraising coordinator Sarah Hurley reported on the status of fundraising efforts.
    1. To do:
      1. i.      Get a list of textbooks that will be used in the fall in order to coordinate LSSA’s largest fundraiser, the book sale. Also email incoming students to hold off on buying their books and wait until orientation.
      2. ii.      Design a t-shirt to be sold at orientation. Sara to send out an email calling for proposals. LSSA board members will select the winner.
      3. iii.      Choose a date for trivia night at Lucky’s – Lucky’s has agreed to host, LSSA still needs to choose a date. Also choose a date for a bake sale.
      4. iv.      Apply for grants for which LSSA, as a student organization, is eligible
  5. Graduation coordinators Monica Wedgewood and Sara Kock reported on the planning status of Graduation 2011
    1. LSSA must pay a $150 fine from the Assembly because of rubbish left in the Assembly after the 2010 graduation ceremony. LaFollette is also on probation for using the Assembly in the future.
    2. LSSA needs $750 for a deposit to use the Assembly to secure the date of either Saturday, May 14, or Sunday, May 15, 2011.
    3. Reception venue ideas include: the Madison Club, the University Club, Tripp Commons, Up North.  LSSA still needs to consider if they want to use the food of the venue or have the reception catered. Right now LSSA is estimating 250 guests at the reception.  Ideas for venues should be emailed to or
    4. Potential graduation speakers include: Governor Doyle, Senator Feingold, Teach for America creator Wendy Kopp, television host Rachel Maddow, and Wisconsin Secretary of Health and Human Services Karen Timberlake.  LSSA aims to have a local person speak to keep costs down.  Additional ideas for speakers should be sent to or
  6. Program Liasion – nothing to report
  7. Secretary – nothing to report
  8. Vice President Sylvia Fredericks reported on the planning of policy roundtables. She emailed professors about fall exam dates to avoid planning roundtables around the time of exams. She also recommended that WISCAPE participate in a roundtable because they are currently talking about higher education.  Sylvia also mentioned that LaFlog is posting blurbs about summer internships. If you want your experience with you internship to be included please email
  9. Volunteer coordinator Lara Rosen reported on the volunteer opportunity during first-year orientation. The arboretum will have an opportunity to do field work on August 26. LSSA still needs to email incoming students in mid July to get a rough estimate of how many students will be participating.
  10. Social coordinator Emily Ley hosted a bonfire Friday, June 25 at Picnic Point. She is happy to have others plan events and encourages everyone to participate in the social events.
  11. President Erika Jones reported on LSSA’s participation in orientation.  She met with Mary Treleven to discuss LSSA’s role. LSSA will be setting up an orientation committee.
    1. Orientation ideas
      1. i.      Potluck at the LaFollette house
        1. Make nametags
        2. ii.      LSSA welcome email
        3. iii.      Email a typed list of tips and advice for first-year students
        4. iv.      Team building activity – ropes course? Tour of campus?
  12. Next LSSA meeting scheduled for July 28 at 6pm. Location TBD.
  13. Meeting adjourned.

Christine Durkin is LSSA Secretary.


About Sylvia Fredericks

Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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