LSSA Board Meeting Minutes 7.28.2010

LSSA Board Meeting
July 28, 2010
6pm- 7:30pm
Memorial Union Terrace

I. Meeting was called to order; quorum not met.
II. Minutes from last meeting tentatively approved.
III. Social coordinator Emily Ley reported on upcoming events.

a. Possible Devil’s Lake trip in August, preferably on a weeknight, for hiking and picnicking.
b. Physics department and La Follette staff are both interested in a kickball game against La Follette students. Emily will try to schedule the games soon.
c. Possible Saturday day trip to go tubing or some other activity; could be in August or September. Emily will send out an interest email.

IV. Volunteer coordinator Lara Rosen reported on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

a. LSSA must have a final number of volunteers for the arboretum event two weeks beforehand. Few people have expressed interest. The board will send out a separate email informing people they must sign up in advance.

i. La Follette is providing $30-40 for breakfast that morning. People should bring their own water.

b. Those who wish to participate in or volunteer at Bike the Barns on September 11th should sign up soon. LSSA can volunteer at registration, lunch, or the after party. Jonny Hunter might need help with food preparation on Friday afternoon. LSSA will email people reminding them to sign up.
c. is a good source for finding volunteer opportunities.

V. Alumni coordinator Kristina Krull presented several alumni event ideas.

a. If LSSA wants to do a fundraiser at the February event, it must decide to do so by the time invites are addressed in late November.

i. Decided that it would be good to have La Follette logo or mention on envelopes so people will be more likely to open them.

b. Asked Mary Russell about monthly digest of alumni in certain areas; she would prefer to have students ask her for individualized lists. A LSSA member will request a list so we can provide feedback on the process.

i. Students can also find alumni through a public database ( and through Linked In.

c. Proposed the idea of dinners/lunches with agencies and departments in Madison. If we bring five people/organizations to Mary Russell, she can help in determining which ones are best to contact. La Follette would be willing to help with transportation.

i. Will also look into job shadowing/office tours, as well as meetings with PA 800 speakers.
ii. Students should email Kristina ( if they have a particular organization or focus area they would like to meet or visit.

d. Karen Faster is willing to write a profile on the website for anyone who wants one.
e. Decided we would like to co-sponsor events like the potluck La Follette had in July.

VI. President Erika Jones reported on behalf of Treasurer Jen Winter.

a. LSSA would like to set a budget/spending/reimbursement policy. Those who would like to help decide these issues should email Erika Jones (

VII. Graduation coordinator Sara Kock reported on the status of the 2011 graduation planning.

a. Decided the Overture Center was too expensive because we would have to cater through Fresco.

i. LSSA would like the Graduation coordinators to come up with a list of their top three suggestions for the reception and a cost estimate for each.

b. The coordinators have received some speaker suggestions from the La Follette staff and LSSA members. Those with ideas should email the name, bio, and any connection they have with the speaker to or

VIII. President Erika Jones presented on behalf of Fundraising coordinator Sarah Hurley.

a. Collection for the textbook sale will begin next week. Volunteers are needed for the sale. Vice President Sylvia Fredricks can store books at her apartment. LSSA needs to check that the textbooks for this semester are the same as the ones we used last year.
b. Two people submitted t-shirt designs; shirts should cost about $10. LSSA prefers the Bucky Bob design but we must look into whether we need permission to use the Bucky clothes.

i. For other merchandise, LSSA would like the Fundraising coordinator to provide cost estimates for other merchandise like mugs, decals and totebags.

c. LSSA is signed up to sell bagels at Social Sciences in September. We will need volunteers.
d. To sell popsicles and water at dorm move-in, we need a permit. We need to find out when move-in is for the southeast dorms and to find volunteers.

i. Program liaison Adam Hartung is excited for popsicles and bagels!

IX. Program liaison Adam Hartung reported that he will be sending out an email to students asking about questions or issues they would like staff to address.
X. Vice President Sylvia Fredricks is in charge of registering us as an RSO.

a. Decided we did not want to be listed in a student directory because we are not recruiting new members.
b. LSSA is waiting to hear back on ASM’s open fund grant.

XI. President Erika Jones presented several new ideas for LSSA.

a. She would like LSSA to consider having a planning committee. The committee would meet a few days before the meeting to formulate what decisions need to be made in the full meeting. Erika and three (possibly rotating) members could hash out problems beforehand, making full meetings more efficient and focused. LSSA will decide the issue at the next meeting.
b. LSSA members should also ruminate on how to keep in contact with La Follette students.

i. President Erika Jones proposed each LSSA member meeting briefly with ten or so students and asking about their goals and interests. Graduation coordinator Sara Kock proposed an ongoing relationship over the course of the year; LSSA members would be in charge of inviting their students to events and checking in with them periodically.
ii. Second years might have to be treated differently than first years.

c. During orientation week, LSSA will host the happy hour after the math assessment on the 24th.

i. Decided not to do another activity after the volunteer activity.
ii. Discussed doing an evening activity like bowling on the 25th.
iii. The textbook sale will be from 9-1 on the 25th.
iv. LSSA must find out if second year volunteers will get lunch if they help at orientation on the 24th. If not, we could buy them beer later.
v. First years can submit questions on paper at orientation. The answers will be posted on La Flog.
vi. Decided to include the second-year buddy program on the interest form given to first years. If there is enough response, we will find second year students to participate. This could be linked to the LSSA one-on-one meetings previously discussed.
vii. Another orientation meeting will happen next week.

XII. LSSA will have a full meeting the first week of classes, possibly on September 1st.
XIII. Meeting adjourned.

Kristina Krull is not the LSSA Secretary and apologizes for her extensive minutes

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