LSSA Board Meeting Minutes 7.28.2010

LSSA Board Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2010

Memorial Union, 5:30pm

Members present: Erika Jones, Sylvia Fredericks, Jen Winter, Christine Durkin, Sarah Hurley, Lara Rosen, Kristina Krull, Sara Kock

I. Meeting was called to order.

II. Minutes from the August meeting were approved.

III. Volunteer coordinator reported

A.   The Arboretum volunteer event went well with about 15-20 volunteers attending.

B.    Bike the Barns is set for Saturday, September 11, 2010.

C.                    Next volunteer event to be determined.

IV. Alumni coordinator

A.   Four people currently on the alumni committee, first meeting of the year was during the first week of September.

B.    Members will contact alumni at the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dept. of Public Instruction, Governor’s office, Legislative Bureau in hopes of setting up brown bag lunches or dinners with alumni to talk to current students. Alumni events will be once a month on different days of the week and during different times during the day in order to afford a number of students the opportunity to attend.

V. Secretary

A. LSSA organizing the business card sale this month.

B. First Year Representative election for the LSSA board to start Sept. 7 and to commence on Sept. 19.

C. Will create a contact list for LSSA board members.

VI. Treasurer

A.   Erika and Jen are currently the only board members with access to the account.

B.    Book sale

1.     Went well and students who sold their books through LSSA should expect a reimbursement in two weeks. Payments will be in La Follette Student Mailboxes.

2.     Revenue of $4060, making a $2400 profit, which is $1000 more than last fall

3.     In the future emphasize to the faculty that book sale is a service to the students and we really need the faculty let LSSA know as soon as possible which books they will be using in the fall.

C.    Jen will create a form for LSSA board members who are requesting reimbursement from the LSSA account.

VII. Graduation Coordinators

A.   Monica to prepare a comparison of reception location options

B.    Speaker

1.     Need to find out the budget that was proposed for the speaker and include the transportation, the dinner on Saturday night before the ceremony, and the speaking costs.  Does La Follette contribute to or subsidize the speaker costs?

VIII. Fundraising Coordinator

A.   Made a $200 profit from the t-shirt sale

B.    Popsicle sale: we broke even and have a lot of extra supplies. Extra popsicles, Gatorade, and bottled water are for sale in the student lounge.  Left over supplies are currently being stored in the student lounge lockers.

C.    Snack bar: still need to find a person with a Costco membership to buy the candy/snacks for the snack bar. Need to find a lock for a student locker so that the cashbox can be stored at La Follette and all board members can access the cashbox. Sarah will create instructions for running the snack bar.

D.   Committee meeting time and location are to be determined.

E.    Next projects: Bagel sale and a trivia night. Coordinating with the Volunteer Committee to raise money for charity.

IX. Vice President

A.   LaFlog is having a committee meeting Wed. Sept. 8 at 6:30pm.  Mary Treleven will now post La Follette updates on LaFlog under the La Follette tag in order to fully utilize LaFlog and reduce the number of La Follette emails that are sent. Sylvia is still drafting LaFlog policies.

B.    Orientation

1.     Ice breaker was well-received.

2.     Create a file for next year’s orientation coordinators about what went well this year/what did not.

X. President

A. Erika will create a sign up sheet for pre-meeting organizers.  Each LSSA member should sign up for two meetings to meet 2-3 days before the meeting to set the agenda and goals for LSSA’s monthly meeting.

B. All committees should make a list of goals for the year. Example:  we will have X number of volunteers at the next event.  We will raise X number of dollars at this fundraiser. We will hold X number of brown bag seminars. The graduation coordinators should create a timeline as their goal. Committee goals are due by email before the next LSSA board meeting.

C. Newsletter.

1.   No longer once a week, will be biweekly or monthly as needed.

2.   LSSA board members will sign up to send out the newsletter, all newsletters will have the same template and will announce upcoming LSSA meetings and La Follette events. LSSA members will contribute to the newsletter throughout the month through a Googledoc and then one member will compile the newsletter.

D. Engaging students

1.   LSSA members will have a list of 5-10 first year students and will contact the first year student as a mentor/buddy to answer questions and concerns and to personally invite students to LSSA events.  LSSA members should remember to contact the first year students around registration for spring classes to answer any questions about recommended classes/professors.

XI. Goals for next meeting

A.            Monica to flesh out a comparison of reception locations for graduation including details about price and hours

B.             Graduation coordinators to review last year’s budget for graduation

C.             Sylvia to set time and day of LSSA meetings for the semester

D.   Erika to create a sign up sheet for the pre-meetings and newsletter; divide first year students among LSSA board members for buddy program; contact members who were absent from the September meeting.

E.    Jen to set up the snack bar and to create a form for applying for LSSA reimbursement.

F.             Sarah to create instructions for the snack bar and the cashbox.

G.            Christine to create LSSA board member contact list.

H.            All committees to create a list of goals for the year.


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Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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