Interesting News from Elsewhere: Obama edition

On September 28, 2010, President Barack Obama held a rally on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus. An estimated 26,000 people attended, including many La Follette students. We will have a few posts on La Flog about the rally, starting with this one.

At the rally - 9/28/10 - Photo by Bo McCready

Before the visit:

Why Obama’s Madison visit is important (The Sconz)
for the beauty… (The Other Side of the Ocean – excellent set-up photos)
A history of presidential visits to campus (UW Communications)

The day of

The Sconz is going to see Obama-created line (The Sconz)
virgin (The Other Side of the Ocean – excellent event photos)
Excitment in the air on campus for a presidential visit (Wisconsin State Journal)
Obama digest: A surprise visit to La Follette High School, and a president’s younger memories of Madison (Wisconsin State Journal)
Live blog: President Obama visits the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Wisconsin State Journal)
Protesters make their own free speech zones at Obama’s UW rally (Isthmus)


Why UW-Madison’s chancellor welcomed President Obama’s rally (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
President urges crowd at UW-Madison to remain fired up, vote (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
Obama’s University Visit Was Not Simple (NY Times)
Obama fires up supporters at University of Wisconsin-Madison rally (Wisconsin State Journal)
After Obama Brunch links (The Sconz)
Obama’s surprise stop at La Follette ‘amazing’ and ‘surreal’ (Wisconsin State-Journal)
Photo Galleries:

Wisconsin State Journal
University of Wisconsin – Madison


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Second-Year MPA student at the La Follette School for Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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