Republicans Increase Pressure on WI Senate Dems.

As of 4:00 this afternoon, the Wisconsin State Senate passed a resolution holding the missing 14 Senate Democrats in contempt.  This effectively means that the missing Democrats can be arrested for disrupting the proceedings of the Senate.  Not surprisingly, the resolution passed 19-0 in the Republican controlled Senate. Objections have been raised, and lawyers for both the Democratic party, and the unions, are questioning the constitutionality of this resolution. The matter has yet to be heard by a judge, but a ruling is likely to come quickly. This is the most recent attempt by the Republicans and Gov. Walker to force the 14 Senate Democrats back to the Senate so that a quorum can be present for a vote. Along with the threat of arrest for contempt, the missing Senators are being fined $100/day for every day they are missing, and their direct deposit checks have been withheld for the past two weeks. Also, in an effort to quell the fervor of the protests, no one is allowed to stay overnight in the Capitol who has not already done so as of 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  Also, entry into the Capitol is being restricted, despite a judicial ruling stating that it should be kept open as usual. Both sides have also taken to the airwaves sponsoring ads for and against Gov. Walker’s budget proposal. The tone of politics in Wisconsin continues to deteriorate as both side are becoming more and more entrenched as Wisconsin is being perceived as a bellwether for state budget struggles nationwide, particularly as it pertains to unions.


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