Judge Enjoins Colllective Bargaining Bill

In a ruling on Tuesday Dane County District judge Maryann Sumi further enjoined the implementation of the collective bargaining bill that has been a lightning rod for controversy in Wisconsin.  In her statement judge Sumi declared that “further implementation of Act 10 was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear.”

This ruling effectively stalls implementation of the collective bargaining bill (Act 10) that was published by the Legislative Reference Bureau on Friday, which was not named in the original restraining order.   However, Republicans contend that the bill is in effect.  Still, the impact of the bill on workers is  in limbo.  The DOA was planning on reconfiguring its computers to stop taking union dues out of workers checks, and increase the amount taken out of their checks for their benefits and pensions. This is scheduled to take effect on April 21 and despite the ruling appears as if this will remain in place for now.


Judge Bars further implementation of collective bargaining law

Judge again blocks GOP collective bargaining plan


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