Federal Budget Analysis

For all of you policy and budget wonks out there take a look at UW Economics and La Follette Professor Menzie Chinn’s analysis of the recent “Path to Prosperity” budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. This comes courtesy of Prof. Chinn’s blog, Econbrowser.


Characteristics of the Heritage Foundation CDA Analysis of the Ryan Plan

Heritage Breaks Internet Silence on it Ryan Plan Simulations

Who’s Serious Now


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One Response to Federal Budget Analysis

  1. Brad Lewis says:

    It is very easy to fix the Federal budget. Here is the new “Green Budget”:
    Every person and company pays 15% income tax. There are no longer any deductions or itemizations. Money located anywhere in the world is taxed. Individuals can take 5% off of that if they vote in the Federal Election.
    No Federal subsidies are paid to any company that is profitable.
    No Federal agency can hire more than 800 people in Washington DC.
    The Pentagon gets $300B per year.
    Any other company that gets Federal military or social aid gets a bill for it and if they can’t pay it will turn into an interest bearing loan.
    Every resident of the US gets $300/mo. for medical help. It is no longer legal for a medical provider to operate if they do not provide at least three $300/mo. insurance programs. It is illegal for a medical provider to use exclusions. If you make over $300,000.00 per year you do not get this.
    Every agency must post its use-of-funds budget online for comments 6 months before they get to use their money. The Federal OMB office has police authority to prosecute abuse.
    Believe it or not, that would pretty much fix our budget problems!

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