Job advice for students

Hey Bobs,

I got this from Mary Russell. It’s a webinar on how to pick the right government job for those who are interested. Looks helpful, check it out.

Find the Right GovGig for You webinar (free). Wed. May 11, 9am PST/12pm EST.

With 20 million potential jobs in Federal, state and local government,
it’s hard to know where you belong. Even if you like your current job
and feel it’s the right fit, you may always be wondering in the back
of your mind if the grass is greener on the other side. Or maybe
you’re trying to break into a government gig and don’t know where to
start! This 1-hour webinar will:
* Guide you through the process of discovering which government job
(aka “gov gig”) is best for you
* Help you to identify what motivates you the most in a career:
mission, job function, or values, and
* Offer some little-known methods for getting insider information on
agencies and careers.
Registration at:


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1st Year La Follette MIPA student
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