State Supreme Court Overturns District Court Ruling on Collective Bargaining Law

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday to overturn Dane County judge Maryann Sumi’s decision to enjoin the Legislature’s Act 1o of the state budget, better known as the collective bargaining bill. The ruling effectively clears the way for the controversial bill to be implemented and incorporated into the State’s budget for 2011-2013. Secretary of State Doug LaFollette said that he would publish the bill on June 28 and that it will take effect on June 29.

The Court split on the decision 4-3, largely along ideological lines with Judges Prosser, Gableman, Roggensack, and Ziegler ruling to strike to Judge Sumi’s decision while Judges Abramson, Bradley, and Crooks dissented. Understandably GOP lawmakers and proponents lauded the Court’s ruling, while Democrats decried it. Nevertheless, the collective bargaining law that sparked massive protests in February and March will go into effect by the end of the month. It is widely speculated that other legal action and challenges to the law will take place almost immediately.


Divided Supreme Court clears way for collective bargaining law

Collective Bargaining law takes effect June 29

Supreme Court reinstates collective bargaining law



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