WI State Senate Recall Elections Held Today

Unprecedented in the State’s or the Nation’s history, Wisconsin voters will go the polls today to determine the political fates of 6 state Senators up for recall. Prior to the 6 recall elections on Tuesday (9 overall), the United States has only seen 20 recall elections since the early 1900s. The recalls happening in Wisconsin today are the result of the seemingly never-ending fallout of Gov. Walker’s plan and bill (Act 10) to effectively eliminate the collective bargaining rights of the State’s previously unionized public sector workers. The bill sparked large protests in late February and early March and garnered national attention. Similar bills were proposed and passed in the states of Indiana and Ohio. The governor’s bill also included cuts to BadgerCare. The six Republican senators up for recall today are: Robert Cowles (District 2), Alberta Darling (District 8), Shelia Harsdorf (District 10), Luther Olsen (District 14), Randy Hopper (District 18), and Dan Kapanke (District 32). Two Democrats, Jim Holperin (District 12) and Robert Wirch (District 22),  are also up for recall on August 16. Democrat Dave Hanson won his recall election in July. Republicans currently hold the majority in the Senate by a margin of 19-14. However, should the Democrats gain a net of three seats in this series of recall elections then they would gain control the Senate. Political groups both inside and outside of the state are viewing the Wisconsin recalls as a referendum not only on collective bargaining, but the state of nation as a whole. Wisconsin, which is sure be a critical battleground state in 2012, is already seeing huge sums of money pour into the state from both parties for the recall campaigns, and one could expect even bigger donations to flow in next year’s Presidential election.


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