Republicans Hold Control of Senate After Recalls

After Tuesday’s historic recall election  in Wisconsin which saw six Republicans face challenges from Democrats, the Republicans won four of the six elections allowing them to maintain a majority in the state Senate by a 17-16 margin over the Democrats. The overall impact of the recall efforts has yet to be decided as two Democrats are up for recall next week on August 16th. The recalls initially came as a reaction to Gov. Walker’s efforts to strip the collective bargaining rights of most public sector unions, but has morphed into a referendum on not only Gov. Walker’s job in Wisconsin, but other critical issues facing the nation such as: tax breaks for the wealthy, funding for education, and medical benefits for seniors. Over $35 million was spent statewide on the recall elections eclipsing the $19 million spent on all of last year’s 115 legislative elections. The Senators that staved of the recall challenges were: Robert Cowles, Sheila Harsdorf, Luther Olsen, and Roberta Darling. The two Republicans who lost were Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper losing to Jennifer Schilling and Jessica King respectively.


Republicans take 4 0f 6 in recall elections

Republicans hold off Dems in recalls

Wisconsin Republicans stave off recall challenge


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