Dems retain two Senate seats in Tuesday recall

One week after 6 Republicans faced a historic recall election, two Democrats, Jim Holperin-Conover and Robert Wirch-Pleasant Prarie, won their recall elections maintaining the thin 17-16 margin of Republicans to Democrats in the Wisconsin state senate. Opinions vary as to what the implications of the new distribution will be given that the collective bargaining bill, which sparked the controversies and recalls in Wisconsin, was passed with only 18 Republican votes, not 19, as were in the Senate at the time with Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center) voting against it.

After all of the recall furor both parties are claiming victory. Democrats point to the fact that, while ultimately falling short of their goal of gaining a majority in the Senate, they gained two seats in the process and will be able to exert relatively more influence on future policies and proposals. Republicans on the other hand can state that they were able to fend off an attempt to deny them of a majority of both houses, and that voters by and large support their current policies and Gov. Walker. However, the last of the political fallout from the collective bargaing bill, state budget, and current political climate in Wisconsin has yet to be seen as efforts are already underway to recall Gov. Walker in November.


Two Democrats hold of recall challenges

Wirch, Holperin win Senate recalls

Summing up the Wisconsin recalls (by the numbers)


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