Recall Begins

For those of you not around the state of Wisconsin, the effort to recall Governor Walker is in full swing. Whether you are for or against the recall, signs of it are hard to miss. Petitioners canvass the streets asking if people will support the recall effort, debates about the rationality and feasibility of the recall permeate throughout all passing discussions, and parties on both sides have taken to the airwaves to promote their respective positions. The recall effort began on Nov. 15, and according to some organizations over 50,000 signatures have already been collected. According to state law, in order for a recall  to be triggered, the petitioners need to collect an equivalent amount of signatures equaling 1/4 of all the ballots cast in the previous election. That comes out to 540,206 signatures by the Jan. 3rd 2012 deadline. Should the requisite number of signatures be collected and verified by the Government Accountability Board (GAB) then the recall election will take place, which many speculate will be sometime in May. The recall fervor that what was evident in the late summer months is culminating in the winter of political discord. The federal “super-committee” tasked with finding a path of action on the national debt situation has resoundingly failed, presidential pandering by both parties is in full effect, and some are looking at Wisconsin’s recalls as a referendum on more than just the governor, but the state of the nation. If nothing else is certain it should be interesting times.


Madison Recall Rally Draws Thousands

Walker, Outside Groups Preparing for Recall Vote

Walker Ad

Walker on CNN

Democrat Recall Ad

United Wisconsin


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