LSSA Constitution Amended, First Year Positions Added

On Monday, 26 March 2012, the LaFollette School Student Association voted to change the LSSA Constitution to institutionalize more first-year involvement in LSSA Board activities.

Starting in the 2012-2013 academic year, the LSSA Vice President’s position will be held by a first year student. The first year representative position will be eliminated, and the duties of that office will be reassigned to the vice president’s responsibilities.

First years students will also be eligible to run for three additional offices. The role of the community service and outreach coordinator will expanded to two people, with one continuing student elected in the spring, during regular elections, and a first year student elected in the fall, during the elections specifically for the first year offices. These elections will also select a first year to serve in the expanded social coordinator role, which includes one continuing student and one first years student. The role of the graduation coordinators has also been altered to include one continuing student and one first-year student.

The order of succession has also changed in the event that the president is unable to fulfill his or her duties. The secretary will now take over for the president temporarily if the president resigns. The Executive Board decided to make this change to avoid a situation where a newly elected first year in the role of vice president would then have to take over the organization despite having little working knowledge of LSSA.

The community service and outreach coordinator already enlisted first year students to help set up events and volunteer opportunities. The Executive Board opted to formally expand this role to increase first year participation in volunteer events and institutionalize first year involvement in this arena.

The Executive Board decided to expand the social coordinator role to include first year students in the planning of social events and aid the advertisement of social events among the entire student body.

Finally, the Executive Board proposed expanding the role of graduation coordinator to increase the institutional memory associated with planning this critical event. Even if the first year who serves does not opt to run for the graduation coordinator position or for any position on the LSSA Executive Board, that student will be able to advise his or her peers engaged in the graduation planning process as to the best courses of action.

This amendment includes other changes, including formalizing and standardizing the language in the Constitution. Substantively, the amendment also struck the clause requiring the LSSA Executive Board to produce a schedule of planned meetings for the year within one month of the start of the fall semester. The amendment also moved back the deadline for first year elections to occur to twenty eight days after the first day of the semester.

This amendment passed unanimously as proposed. Elections for continuing students will be held in April, and elections for incoming first year students will be held in September.

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