The Votes are In

The votes have been cast and counted and the results of the election for the La Follette School Student Association Board are in. In addition to the forthcoming first year representative election, the students below will be representing and serving all MPA and MIPA students for the 2012 – 2013 school year:

  • President: Continuing MPA student Phil Sletten
  • Secretary: Continuing MPA student Kelsey Hill
  • Treasurer: Continuing MPA student Bryan Miller
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Continuing MPA student Andrew Walsh
  • Program Liaison: Continuing MPA student Sam Shannon
  • Social Coordinator: Continuing MPA student Becky Chown
  • Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Continuing MPA student Selina Eadie
  • Alumni Coordinator: Continuing MPA student Steven Kulig
  • Graduation Coordinator: Continuing MIPA student Miriam Palmer

The students listed above will be graciously volunteering their time and talents in order to serve all La Follette students as well as the community. Please offer them your congratulations!

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