The Coming Week in LSSA – September 30 – October 6

Check out what is happening in the world of LSSA and around campus this week!

1. URPL Fall Lecture Series Talk – Kurt Paulsen (Monday)
2. La Follette Seminar Series: David Kirk on Prisoner Re-Entry (Tuesday)
3. Weisbrod Lecture on Healthcare with Jonathan Gruber (Thursday)
4. Federal Resume Writing (Friday)

1. URPL Fall Lecture Series Talk – Kurt Paulsen
Monday, September 30, 4:00 -5:30, Old Music Hall

The paper this presentation is based on proposes four metrics to measure sprawl in metropolitan regions as marginal changes in land use occur over time. The metrics – change in urban housing unit density, marginal land consumption per new urban household, housing unit density in newly urbanized areas, and percent of new housing units located in previously developed areas – are computed for all 329 metropolitan areas in the continental United States for 1980 and 2000. Regression analysis is used to explain variations in sprawl metrics across metropolitan areas, incorporating variables representing market, geographic, and policy factors. Changes in development patterns reflect interactions of market and geographic structures. States with a substantial state role in planning accommodate a higher percentage of new housing units in previously developed areas and with lower marginal land consumption, suggesting that policy can mitigate sprawl development.
More information on the URPL Lecture Series can be found on the web at:

2. La Follette Seminar Series: David Kirk on Prisoner Re-Entry
Tuesday, October 1, 12:15, 8417 Social Sciences

Dispersing the Crowd: A Natural Experiment of the Effects of Concentrated Prisoner Re-Entry
David Kirk, University of Texas–Austin. Hosted by Center for Demography and Ecology as part of “DemSem.” Information: 262-3038,

3. Weisbrod Lecture on Healthcare with Jonathan Gruber
Thursday, October 3, 3:45, Union South, Marquee Theater

Featuring Professor of Economics
Jonathan Gruber
of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of
“Health Care Reform: What it is, why it’s necessary, how it works.”

4. Federal Resume Writing
Friday, October 4, 1:30 to 2:30, Middleton Building, Room 120

Federal Resume Writing
Are you applying for federal government jobs or internships? Did you know that there is a federal resume format different from the 1-page version or CV you’re used to? Come learn the tips and tricks to crafting a compelling federal resume that will get you noticed whether you apply to the Competitive or Excepted Service. Come prepared with questions and feel free to bring a laptop. It can be helpful (but not required) to create an account on prior to attending.Information: 262-3921,

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