LSSA Updates Its Constitution

The LSSA Executive Board had a busy night during its last meeting on October 16. The meeting kicked off with the board taking up four separate amendments to the LSSA Constitution. Each amendment passed with relative ease, marking the first time the Constitution had been amended since March 2012. The update creates positive change that will benefit future LSSA members. Below is a summary of each amendment:

1. When the Constitution was last changed, there were a few minor glitches that remained. This first amendment simply revised headers and other language that was either out of date or confusing.

2. The second amendment made a common sense transfer of power among LSSA officers. In recent years, the vice-president was given the task to conduct the student graduation speaker and faculty graduation speaker elections during the spring semester. The board decided to give this responsibility to the first-year graduation coordinator.

3. When two first-year positions drew no nominations during the first open period of nominations this fall, the board decided to take action in case no interest materialized. The third amendment would allow current board members to nominate first-years directly if no first year accepts a nomination prior to the deadline of the first 28 days of the fall semester. Any first-years that accept the board’s nominations would be voted on by all members at the subsequent LSSA board meeting. Thankfully, the two positions garnered interest during a second request for nominations and the amendment did not need to be tested out this fall.

4. Finally, the vice-presidential election caused a lot of heartburn among current board members. Not only did the the top two candidates tie in a three candidate race, but the same two candidates tied again in the immediate run off. Somehow, the Constitution did not address what to do in case of a tie. After some discussion, the board agreed that should candidates tie, that each could serve as co-officers of the position at the discretion of the board. This last change allowed us to welcome two vice-presidents to the board this fall!

Take some time to look over the updated Constitution!

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