La Flog is all about contributions, collaboration, dialogue.  To do so, the La Follette School Student Association (LSSA) needs your thoughts, comments, projects, and analyses posted in our shared space for the La Follette community here at La Flog.  How does that happen?

#1. Commenting

  • Anyone can comment, no matter what.
  • Click on ‘Leave a Comment’ at the bottom of each entry.
  • Fill in your name and post your comments!
  • All comments will be listed on the top of the left sidebar — that is how important comments are to La Flog.

#2. Contribute by Emailing La Flog

  • If you are part of the La Follette community (prospective student, student, alum, faculty, staff, friend, family-member, or public affairs practitioner), you are likely eligible to post on La Flog.
  • Email La Flog your post: laflogsubmissions @
  • Posts will be skimmed for errors and posted as soon as possible.
  • We reserve the right to not publish any posts that are deemed inappropriate for this blog.

#4. Contribute with your blog

Share posts with us:

  • Instead of submitting a full post, submit an excerpt to laflogsubmissions @ (something that makes sense and sells how awesome your post is)
  • Add the phrase “Read more…” linked to your site.
  • We do reserve the right to remove posts or links to websites that are inappropriate. Furthermore, we reserve the right not to post anything sent to us that is deemed inappropriate for this blog.

Rough Guidelines:

  1. Include your name and connection to La Follette at the bottom of  your posts. In your WordPress profile, set your display name as your full name.
  2. Keep it professional.  Professional here is in the broadest sense possible — personal thoughts and social activities are not unprofessional; swearing profusely and attacking people (not arguments) is not acceptable.
  3. Experiment.  Boring (mediocrity) is not okay.

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3 Responses to Contribute!

  1. peter, paco, christine says:

    on the scavenger hunt!

  2. Hi La Follette folks!

    I’m an accepted MIPA student from Minneapolis (to start this fall) visiting campus today through Thursday night (July 6-8th). I’m interested in meeting with one of some of you to chat about life at LaFollette. After work hours is ok too. I just returned from my 4th year teaching university English in China, am interested in the China-Africa intersection, engery and environment in China, NGOs in China and Africa, and continental bicycle tourning.

    I’ll be going to the concert at the capitail square tomorrow night, Weds July 7th. Mary Russell told me that some of you met there a week or two ago, so if some of you are going again, maybe we could meet up for some of it and talk causually.

    Please email me if you’re interested in meeting:
    My mobile is: 612.961.6508


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